The school has a sickbay managed by certified and qualified resident and visiting medical personnel. We also have a mini pharmacy wellequipped with drugs for our students. Water treatment, workshop, seminars and symposia are frequently conducted for the health and safety of the students. The school has a standard mini mart where our students can buy snacks, foods and other commonly needed items during school hours. More


Our students have been excelling academically, both in National and International competitions including Arts, Science, Mathematics and Sporting activities. In various Art exhibitions, our pupils have come top. The track record of excellence we have garnered over the years in the external examination written by our students speaks for us. We are proud to have an all time success rate of over ninety percent in all the examinations we have presented students for, namely, WAEC, NECO, JSCE, NBEM and JAMB. More

I do welcome you to the unique and wonderful educational world of Ola Oluwa Group of Schools, an institution that heralds a new chapter in the provision and delivery of high quality international standard education in Nigeria. We  believe that education from the kindergarten to secondary education level  remains one of the most important phases of a child's educational journey, given this background, it is therefore important that the experience of the child at this crucial period of life be solid, read more>>

For admission into Junior secondary school, you can obtain form online through online payment. For details click admission
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Rules and Regulations
The school maintains discipline both on the teaching staff, non-teaching staff and the students. There are rules and regulations for students, which they must adhere to. For more information click rules and regulations

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SCHOOL ACTIVITES Inter-house sport, Cultural troop, Football Match, Play etc

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