I do welcome you to the unique wonderful educational world of Ola Oluwa  
group of schools, an institution that heralds a new chapter in the provision  
and delivery of high quality international standard education in Nigeria. We  
belief that the education from the kindergarten to secondary education level  
remains one of the most important phases of a child's educational journey,  
given this background, it is therefore important that the experience of the  
child at this crucial period of life be solid, rewarding and pleasurable..
We believe that the Nigerian child should have the benefit of a high quality education while remaining in the local  
environment that allows them to maintain their cultural values and family affiliations. We are set to provide such an  
environment. Towards the achievement of these objectives therefore, Ola Oluwa group of schools provide  
education of world class standard in an environment of care, using the best available facilities both locally and  
abroad to build the next generation of leaders for our country and indeed the African continent as a whole. Read  
Every facility that can make a home away from home is available to aid our  
boarding system. Student’s hostels are well ventilated and protected by  
resident teachers. Water supply is no problem at any time of the day.  
Similarly, Toilets and lavatories have twenty four hours attendant managers. All  
these promote the hygienic status of the school community. Most importantly,  
we have a maximum of four students in each room. Read more.....